August 8, 2017

July, part one - California!

Another month on the road (and some time in the air as well)...time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Our last blog ended in June as we were home playing catch up with our busy daughter and her family here and checking in on the house and stuff. It was also our first chance to reorganize Gracie a bit, move things out we decided we weren’t going to need and grab a few things we had left behind. I have figured out that this tiny living lifestyle is for sure freeing, but is also a constant game of rearrange! As we learn HOW we live small, we are adjusting, seemingly constantly, prioritizing our essentials and making everything we need easier to access in our tiny spaces. Once we have consistently lived in our trailer for more than a month at a time, I am hoping everything will settle in, but I also suspect that is part of the lifestyle!

We left home for a week to go surprise our daughter in California! Her husband is a resident at Stanford Medical and he has been working in Africa for 7 weeks, so she’s been tending the home fires, which include our two amazing grandkids and a third who is due to arrive this fall! We literally showed up at the airport while they were there dropping off other visitors...and SURPRISED THEM! It was such fun!

Surprised in the airport!!!
We spent a week there, enjoying the California sunshine, playing at the beach, going to the San Francisco Zoo, spending time at neighborhood parks and playgrounds...just hanging out with our incredible daughter and her growing family.

Our sweet grandson!
And our youngest, so far, granddaughter!

Zoo day!
Yep, that's a baby bump!  #5

We were really lucky to have raised amazing daughters, who have each become amazing mommas!

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