November 29, 2017

Welcome to the world, Judah William! (First part of November.)

You can skip this blog if babies and family and kids isn't your thing...but I wouldn't have skipped this for the world!

On November 2nd, Judah arrived!  (They had not found out what the sex of the baby was, so that part was kind of amazing in itself!)

Allison was scheduled for an induction in the morning but when she called in the morning to find out when she needed to be there, labor and delivery was full and so they told her to call back later in the day...  Disheartened, she waited...and called back a couple of more times until late in the afternoon when they finally said "can you come in now"?!  So, she did, eager to meet the newest member of the family!  And, just about 4 hours later, Stephen delivered his third child, a son!

They named him Judah William! (William was my dad's first name, and my maiden name as well.)  My dad has been gone for 23 years now and, sadly, Allison barely has a memory of him.  He was an amazing man, kind and smart and funny, and I am so honored that they chose William as Judah's middle name.

Being there as a mom & nana is such a privilege...and being able to document these rare and precious moments is an amazing honor!  I don't know how I manage any pictures in focus because I'm in constant tears!  Welcome home, baby!

You are loved.

Daddy and his second son!  Stephen was genuinely surprised when he announced "it's a boy!"

Papa and his 5th grandchild!

We brought Uriah and Ezra over the next morning to meet their little brother...they were wonderfully curious and so loving!
He's perfect!  And mama did so good!

Uriah was so sweet and tender...and Ezra was so giddy and silly!

And just like that, they are a family of 5!

All the heart eyes...!!!

They were so excited to go meet Judah that morning...Uriah had made him a special card and had decorated his crib in anticipation of him coming home!
Judah and mama got to come home the very next day, November 3rd, after we had already put the other two in when they woke up in their home in the morning, they were, just like that, a family of 5!

Sweet boy.

He was so alert, right from delivery...eyes open and looking around.

Nana was a pretty happy camper!
I was happy as a clam to sit and snuggle with this little guy while watching the other two go about their day of Legos and imagination!  Ashley, our beautiful and selfless oldest daughter, left her babes at home so she could come meet Judah too!  We were pretty happy to have both of our girls together!

To know her is to love her...she's an incredible ball of energy and craziness!

Watching a light show on their ceiling...!

We did a quick little newborn shoot!

And another... 

And a family photo shoot!

All of a sudden the two kiddos look so much older!

And so much sweeter!

And so handsome...this little man has my heart all tied up in knots!

And Judah...who looks so sweet and handsome and perfect!  He's a wonderful baby!

Such a beautiful family, in every way! 

And Nana's heart is on the floor with all three of these Wall babies!
We hung out with this gang for a couple of weeks, a few more park dates, a few more underdogs and a few more dinnertimes, bath times and bedtime stories...and we kidnapped the two oldest for a play day in Santa Cruz with a sleepover in Gracie!  We had so much fun with them...had a beach picnic and took a hike, went to an aquarium to touch a shark, walked the boardwalk, ate chocolate chip pancakes and woke up to Lego creations and wonderful giggles!

Oh, and the zoo too!  We took the kids to the San Francisco Zoo!

Mike and I did a few fun little excursions too, while we were in the area...we did a day trip up to San Francisco...and another day we went up to Point Reyes and Bonita Lighthouse and the Golden Gate Bridge overlook in the evening...

Mike's photo...a beautiful shot at Point Reyes.

And then, with one more Friday Pizza Movie Night...thankful as all get out that everyone was home and healthy and happy...

We hitched up, after having been parked for a month and headed to Yosemite...the mountains were calling!


  1. Great blog and photography; so awesome! This is alot of work, thank you for sharing your adventures.

    1. Thanks so much! It is work, but I love documenting it for ourselves, and others! Glad you are following along!


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