December 18, 2017

Dirt Orcas

We were contacted a few weeks ago to do an email interview with Paul Strubell over at Dirt Orcas.

"Dirt Orcas is a site that celebrates the people who share a love of overland travel, the vehicles that they depend on to transport them to adventurous places, and the shared love of wildlife and nature that drive that adventurous spirit. In addition to essays, interviews, and fun videos, Dirt Orcas offers everything from overland related product reviews to trip planning, guided trips, and field advice.
The name Dirt Orcas comes from the pod dynamic of orca whales. A group that travels in highly sophisticated ways. They communicate and relate to each other. Passing down information through generations and to other pods. The vast community of overlanders and adventure motorcyclists are similar in this respect. We all share and exchange information, helping one another as we travel and learn ourselves. We just happen to do this travel over land (dirt) instead of by sea."

I love the analogy of the communication amongst exchange of like-minded travelers...which is one of the reasons we are on Instagram, Facebook and we blog! 
The site features lots of interesting 'overlanders'; explorers, bikers and wanderers and this time he featured us!  He asked really great questions too, not just about the mechanics of travel but the ever-elusive "why"!  

Check out the interview and his site!

Check out our interview at Dirt Orcas!

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