February 28, 2018

February, CA to AZ

From the Oregon Coast at the end of January, to the California Coast, we got to visit our daughter and her family in Palo Alto...

Isn't she a beauty!

Judah's toes in the Pacific...he didn't like it, but he'll learn!

They're wonderful!

Daddy's girl!

He's my favorite boy, don't tell Mike!

These kids are always up for an adventure!  And, it's important to dress appropriately...you never know when you might need to twirl!



Mike would say he is happy 'cuz he's wearing his Cougar shirt!

Love them.

And then, we were off again...to Vegas!  We really liked the Oasis RV park...it's convenient to everything Vegas, but somehow relatively quiet!

We had had some minor warranty issues with Gracie which Airstream Las Vegas took care of for us.  In our absence, however, our bikes were stolen off the truck (in their parking lot)...which was bad enough, but the thieves also hacked off our bike racks...so we had to spend some money and shop for replacements while in town.  Dumb people.

The entrance to Oasis.

This was one of my most favorited Instagram stories...apparently I am not the only one who doesn't love kale!  I love coming up with fun letterboards...makes me smile everytime I read 'em!  This one I found on Pinterest!

On the road to Arizona!
From Vegas we headed south to Catherine Landing...a nice little campground that was pretty uncrowded when we were there...good cell reception, clean, inexpensive.  We would stay here again for sure...and really liked it in this off-season.

The not so wild burro!

He wanted to be my new pet!

Valentine's Day!

We did a bit of exploring there, including over to Oatman, a quirky strange touristy town with burros walking the streets.  We honestly didn't think the town was much more than a busy tourist trap, but it was fun to see the burros wandering around!

And a bank robbery staged on Main street daily...!

Last night there...nice skies.
From there we went to Lake Pleasant!  We snagged a last minute spot for a couple of days near the lake...and we had visitors!!!

Beautiful girls!

Gosh, they're sweet!
 We all headed over to Lost Dutchman...

We loved having them in our world...glamping, hiking, exploring!

LOVED this view!

Nice campground!  We would've stayed longer but we just snuck in for a few days at the last minute due to a cancellation.

Lots of hiking trails.

The old mining town nearby.  We took the train ride...which I wouldn't recommend...!

Cool little ghost town.

Did I already say I loved this view!

This was one of our favorite campgrounds!  The sites are spacious and it's quiet and so uniquely beautiful!

Beautiful skies!

And huge cacti!


Fireside ghost stories!  Harper was incredibly good at telling them!

My cousin, Seth, came to hang out with us too...so good to spend time with him.  He and Mike hiked the ambitious Siphon Draw Trail to the top of Flatiron Summit!  I stayed home and cleaned the trailer!  I think my day was way easier!!!

Handsome men!

Clean trailer!

Our campspot!

Love this old guy!

Chola cacti are the worst!!!

After our company left we made the winding road out to Tortilla Flats campground...cheap, spacious, out in the middle of nowhere camping!  It was good for a couple of day R&R...and then we decided to head to the city...

Love holding his hand.

...for Spring training!  Specifically, the Cubbies!  I was raised, in part, in Chicago...my dad was a huge Cubs fan, so it's in the blood!  I am not a huge sports fan...but I really love a good ballpark!

Ended in a tie!

And, while in the city, we toured Frank Lloyd Wright's Talieson West...really cool!  We have toured Fallingwater, decades ago, in Pennsylvania...and Mike studied architecture for a bit...so we enjoyed this opportunity to see this amazing place.

We ended the month over at Picacho Peak...loving the temps and time to explore in and out of the city.


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