July 31, 2018

The rest of July!

We parted ways with our epic boondocking spot somewhat reluctantly, but...we had other adventures, and grandkids, on our mind! 

Every year Mike meets up with his brother, Shawn, and some other guys to do a backpacking trip somewhere in the western states.  They've hiked in New Mexico & Wyoming and this time it was in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.  It's usually a four or five day backpacking trip...includes lots of amazing scenery, lots of trails, oftentimes fishing...and carrying everything they need on their backs.  (That's the part that doesn't really interest me!)

While Mike was off adventuring in the wilderness, and taking these amazing photos, I caught a flight to Sacramento, where our daughter and her family had recently moved...to see their new digs, get in some play time...and to help with the 11 hour drive back to Idaho...with 3 kids!!!  (A different kind of adventure!) 

You see, we LOVE our family...and we really love that they love each other!  Allison hadn't yet met her new nephew, Ozzy, and the trip alone (with her 3 kids) would have been kind of daunting...so I volunteered my services!

Enjoying movie night!

I love her squinty smile!

Boys and Legos!

This way about midway in our 11 hour drive! Feeling kind of crazed, but happy!

Super Nana!
We made it!  The kids were incredibly patient and fun...it actually wasn't awful!  And...to have them all (SIX) together...was so worth it!


Happy Nana!

The babies!

My baby holding the littlest baby, her nephew, Ozzy.

We wore him out!

I love this.

Such great friendships forming between these cousins.

The big kids!

Ozzy boy!

Sweet boys.

Sweet cousins.
As is true of most family gatherings, the times we all just sort of hung out with no agenda were the best times!  The kids played all kinds of games, read books, dressed up, jumped on the tramp and swung on the rope swing, we walked to the neighborhood park, took turns holding babies, fixing snacks and wiping noses...it was all so good!

One day we took the kids over to a tiny little town nearby to visit the pool...

Silly faces!
Sweet faces!
Some of my favorite faces!

Judah Budda!

The guys!

I look like his Native American grandma?!

What a group!  I couldn't possibly love them more!

And while we had them all together we took the opportunity to have our friend, the uber talented and sweet Ashleigh, take some pictures for us...a Nana and Papa photoshoot!

Love this scene!

We have SIX grandkids...and they are each so amazing!
I don't have any pictures of our return trip to Sacramento...but we made it back in one piece in one very long day!  And then I flew back to Idaho for the last few days of our visit with these kiddos. 

Smirkingly adorable!
After a sad goodbye to our summer fun, we packed up Gracie Lou and headed out again.

And then, we were on the road again...

We were headed west, to spend some time with Mike's parents, knowing that his mom's health was fading.  We really do love our family and the fact that our house has wheels has sure been nice...it enables us to spend quality time with all of them, wherever they are!

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