September 30, 2018

September is my favorite month!

I've always loved the month of September...especially when the air turns crisp in the mornings, signalling change & new starts (and reminds me of new school supplies!)...and for the past 7 years September also means THE OREGON COAST!  

We loaded up Gracie once again (having been staying with family) and first drove up to Prosser for a quick weekend to meet up at Mike's 40th high school class reunion!  (I'm not quite there yet, 40 years out of high school seems like forever, right?!)  We had a great time with his high school friends and enjoyed the RV park/wine tasting room!  

And then we headed west, ending up at a lovely Harvest Hosts outside of Portland near the end of their season.  We settled in, after we picked a bucket of fresh blackberries, indulged in a blackberry shake, and enjoyed a beautiful evening in our little home.  

In the morning we headed south to get a tune-up done at AM Solar, in Springfield.  We'd had some issues with our solar since its install that still were without resolve so we took her to the experts!  While they were checking it out for us we enjoyed a night in our favorite little place in Oregon, Corvallis.

While there we met up with our road friend, Barbara!  We met her last winter in Desert Hot Springs and have been keeping tabs on each other when we found out she was close we knew we had to have lunch!  It was great to see her, always fun to talk to fellow travelers about their adventures...and she's such a sweet lady.

The people at AM Solar are amazing to work with...they very thoroughly checked our solar install, traced every wire and fixed our issues...and then they spent a good amount of time answering all of our questions, making sure that we were comfortable and happy with their fixes.  Which we were!  (Curious about our solar, there's a blog for that!)

We made our way back north and farther west to our favorite spot on the Oregon Coast, Pacific City!  For those of you new to the blog, we happened upon this unique small beach town decades ago and returned several years ago to purchase a fractional ownership here...for us, it's the quintessential Oregon Coast retreat as it's a unique combination of fishing village/surfing mecca/tiny tourist area.  September is a wonderful time of year...though I would argue that any time is a good time!

If you follow us on Instagram you might know that we fly a drone now and then...and we recently upgraded to a DJI Mavic Pro 2!  We are still learning, cautiously, but it is incredible to fly!  

When we are staying at our condo we park Gracie Lou over at Harts Camp, an RV campground featuring Airstream rentals!  She fits right in!  (If you are interested in a luxury camping experience, check them out, they are impeccably furnished and it's a fun place to hang out!)

Mike and I had some time to ourselves, which was fabulous...time to breathe and walk and take a few pictures and a few hikes and time to was just right. 

And then, the crew began to arrive!  First the Hunt's, then the Wall's and then Great-Grandpa too! This part of my blog is mostly for me, so I don't need words...just pictures of all of these cute faces!


The boys (my sons-in-law) accompanied me to help me accomplish something I've always wanted to do...paddle board out to the rock!  (Mike paddled about halfway too, but the swells were making him seasick so he had to retreat.)  It was a very surreal experience, to say the least...particularly when we reached the area we always see the whales spouting (between the cape and the rock), honestly I was operating on cruise control then, just trying not to hear the Jaws theme song in my head!  And then, we reached the rock!  So crazy to see it up close, alas! 

The best part, though, was on our way back...I mentioned that this is the whales' usual path and about the time I spoke it out loud a whale spouted just west of us!  And then another and another!  It looked to be a family, two adults and a calf!  So incredibly cool!

The week went by so quickly...but, as cheesy as it is to say, it will remain in our hearts forever.  It was such a great week in my very favorite place and we are so incredibly lucky to be a family!

And then it was just us again...we moved back into Gracie Lou and decided to hang out for a couple of extra days, to regroup, rest and relax after our wonderfully busy week with the kiddos.

Until we meet again Kiawanda!  

We hitched up and headed north along the coast, stopping a few last times to take in the views!  We also had an impromptu meetup in Seaside with a couple of our Instagram friends, the Nickerson's and the Jackson's...and it's always fun to meet up with travelers on the road!

We ended up in Battleground at one of our very favorite moochdocking spots! Not only is the spot really pretty, the company is pretty awesome too (Mike's brother, Shawn)!

The air was getting cooler and the PNW fall traditionally involves lots of rainy days (that's why it's so lush green!) we were making plans to head south for the winter, and this season we would be travelling with Mike's dad, Marion, who was also, now, a full-time RV'er! 

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