May 31, 2018

the merry, merry month of May!

We began May in Idaho, with a quick, wonderful visit with the kids in Pokey while Gracie Lou was having a tune up at the Bay Area Airstream; the awning lights needed a quick repair, our dinette floor was squeaking and the latch on our screen wasn't working...simple fixes, but leaving her for a few days gave us an excuse to spend some time with these cute faces!  We also got our first tour of their great facility and all the swanky new Airstreams in their showroom, including the Nest!  

Starbucks and cake pops are our love language!
We picked up Gracie Lou and moved over to the Thousand Trails park in Morgan Hill...a nice spot tucked into the rolling landscape south of San Jose, then spent a couple of days hanging out with this family, and kidnapped a couple of grandkids for a sleepover adventure!

She has a mind of her own...I like that about her!

Snuck in a little Palo Alto shopping!

Smooched some baby lips!
We enjoy the Thousand Trails parks, especially when we have kids in tow...but these two are also pretty happy to just hang out in Gracie Lou and play with toys we carry around for just these occasions!

Sleepover/play date in the trailer!  They love it in here!
Thanks to a recommedation by fellow Airtreamers @silversabbatical we knew we needed to take these guys over to Moss Landing for a kayak adventure into Elkhorn Slough!  A great little shop along the bay outfits you, young and old, with all the necessary gear and our wonderful guide pointed out all the critters in the bay for the kids, including a couple of little crabs we got to hold in our laps!

Kayak Connection provided all the gear for our adventure in Moss Landing through Elkhorn Slough!

"Looking for baby sea otters, Nana!"

He is sometimes a little bit intimidated with new things...but it didn't take very long for this smile!

We DID see baby sea otters and mommas and daddies...and tons of birds and crabs and seals!

Most of the 1000 Trails parks have playgrounds and many have mini golf was his very favorite!

She's perfecting a new stroke!

All the heart eyes!

They wanted to take our picture too!!  

We coddiwompled our way over to Lake Tahoe, a little bit of a diversion from our original plan as the weather wasn't as warm as we were hoping it'd be in Lassen...stayed at a great winery (Harvest Hosts) along the way, met up with Instagram friends Tahni & John (we happened to be headed to the store across from where they were hanging out in a coffee shop!)...and then, we made it to the woods...

Lake Tahoe was beautiful!  The weather was cool but mostly sunny (except for Mother's Day when it stormed a bit and ended with an incredible double rainbow!)...and we had a very good time leisurely exploring the area, driving up to the ski areas, paddleboarding on the lake and walking through the historic Camp Richardson area.  We seem to be hitting these areas at the right pretty and not too crowded!

Harvest Hosts for the win/wine!!!

A spontaneous meetup with fellow Airstreamers John & Tahni (@roswell_the_airstream) as we were passing through their hometown!

My Mother's Day present to me!  

Meeks Bay is a  very nice spot right along the SW side of Lake Tahoe....complete with a local black bear who came by most evenings to rummage through the bear-proof garbage dumpsters!


Stormy afternoon.

Mike stranded me out on a rock about three hundred feet from shore...he took my board!  

Gracie Lou looks good by water!
We headed north from Tahoe towards Bend, with a couple of stops along the way...eventually landing in Sunriver for a week long stay to enjoy the Central Oregon area.  I LOVE this area of Oregon, almost as much as I love the Oregon coast!  We drove around and into the mountains, did a couple of short hikes, went to a few breweries (mandatory in Bend!), had a great meal at the Bite (check it out, it's in Tumalo), checked out Smith Rocks, toured the bustling little town of Sisters...and had the most yummy dessert at the Pine Tavern in downtown Bend (a family favorite from waaaay back in the day when my parents lived in this area).

Boondocking spot near Eagle Lake.

Collier State Park...that window view...

Sunriver-Bend Thousand Trails....a lovely place to be...

We got to meet up with one of our favorite nieces and paddle in downtown Bend!  This is a town I could live in...except for all that winter!!

The road around Crater Lake was not open yet...but we managed to spend a pretty amazing afternoon and evening taking in the views of this incredible place!

Seriously, the most epic sunset I've ever witnessed!

And witnessed the most amazing stormy sunset...literally teared up at how beautiful it was...

Like a dream!

Fire-y sunset skies...I spy Gracie Lou!

My parents used to have a little ranch outside of Sisters...oh how I wish they still did...
From Sisters we headed north, landing in our favorite moochdocking spot in Kennewick, Washington to visit Mike's parents and siblings.

Made it to Kennewick, Washington to spend some time with family and our daughter and granddaughters drove up from Idaho!

Pretty sweet moochdocking spot!

This is our oldest granddaughter, holding hands with her great grandma, who is home in hospice care...these were the sweetest moments to witness...

At the end of the month we regrouped, repacked, reorganized Gracie Lou to drop her off for her SOLAR INSTALL!  Details to come!

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