November 1, 2018

October - Oregon and Northern California

We left our sweet moochdocking (for those unfamiliar with the term, it's mooching, [food, showers, etc.] while parked in someone's driveway or yard!) spot in Battleground, thanks Shawn!, with Footloose too, Mike's dad, Marion, to head south with the weather.

Also, we had purchased tickets to see Washington State, Mike's alma mater, play against Oregon State in Reser Stadium (football), a Pac-12 matchup!  Corvallis has been a favorite Oregon town of mine for years, ever since I visited with my parents while I was in high school, a long, long time ago!  Our youngest graduated from Oregon State and met her hubby we feel connected to that nice community.

We are Harvest Hosts members, working on our second year of our very favorite membership, so we made arrangements to stay at a beautiful vineyard outside of Corvallis.  Tom, our host, was gracious and kind and our stay there was one of our favorites, as it was quiet and lovely and close enough to town to make the commute to game day pretty easy.

The Cougs won!  It was a really great game and a perfect night for football!



After we visited our favorite spots in town, including New Morning Bakery, the Broken Yolk and the campus tour...we were on the road again!

Ask me why I love Oregon so's the trees!  And, the ocean, of course! 

Salt Creek Falls

We headed south and east out of Corvallis and spent a couple of days exploring the mountains (& playing with the drone!) on our way over to Crater Lake.  We were hoping, when we were making these plans, it would still be open...and, despite the chilly temperatures, there hadn't been any significant snow on the ground, so we were in luck! 

We found a sweet area outside of the park to boondock for several days...and we headed into the park that evening to see Crater Lake!  Marion had never been there before, so we were excited for him to see this amazing place. 

The first day there was smoke in the skies from a nearby fire...which concerned us a little bit...if the winds had shifted or the fire got much larger, we would've had to leave...but thankfully it was put out pretty quickly.

Marion's first time seeing Crater Lake!

He's so damn cute!

My first real attempt at astrophotography!

We did some astrophotography a couple of cold, but so cool!

Information about our solar is on the blog!

After four beautiful days and four chilly nights, it was time to head south!  

Our next stop was not as picturesque, though the drive was pretty lovely passing Mt. Shasta.  We did an overnight at a Walmart before landing in our new home, the Thousand Trails at Lake of the Springs.  

We went on a walk...and came home to the neighbors crashing the place!

This place was like summer camp!  We loved it!  It's a bit far from anything, so you have to wanna just hang out at camp...paddle, drone, walk, swim, was pretty hard to take! 

We spent a week at a fairgrounds nearby and got the chance to peek in on Allison and the kiddos once or twice, before we moved to another Thousand Trails, Lake Minden, a little closer to Sacramento.  When we checked into this park, Marion and I noticed that their mascot was the mosquito...literally, a mascot on their t shirts and mugs in the gift shop!  Be warned!  I didn't take any pictures of the park, but if you go there, go around the lake for the partial hookup sites unless you like looking into your neighbors windows! 

We visited UC Davis' Entomology School...bugs and bugs and bugs!

That's Mike's hand! 

Mike, Marion and I saw the movie "Free Solo" at a small theater in Sacramento one's a National Geographic documentary, by Jimmy Chin and his wife, about Alex Honnold's FREE CLIMB UP EL CAPITAN!  It's an incredible feat.  Like, unimaginably incredible.  And we are very glad he didn't fall!

We played, went to the zoo, read books, hung out at camp, did some chores...and just enjoyed being in the neighborhood of our daughter and her beautiful family.  I also got to have a lunch date with a friend of mine who lives in Sacramento...a nice treat for me!

And, we went to OZ!  And trick or treating in their sweet little neighborhood with their friends!

And this is what happened every night when we went to leave, to go back to our trailers...not "please stay Nana & Papa" but rather "Grandpa, can you stay here?!"  They are so sweet and it is fun to see them love each other.

The reason we timed our visit to Sacramento for the end of October was because Judah was having a birthday!  A pretty significant ONE!

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