December 1, 2018


The best thing about traveling is getting to hang out with family now and then...and especially when there is birthday cake!

We even got to have a sleepover in Gracie Lou!  Complete with mini-golf, paddle boarding, a movie night and hanging out with great-grandpa!

And...JUDAH turned ONE!

It's a very grandma thing to say that they grow up so fast...especially to young moms whose days seem to go on endlessly, with the constancy of motherhood...but, they really, really do grow up soooo fast!  And this guy is so cute and sweet!



I almost cry every time I look at that last photo...he's so sweet!

And this girl, who thought it was a good idea to wear her cowboy boots to the amusement park even though her mama and I told her she probably would regret it 'cause her feet wouldn't be as comfy, she wouldn't be able to run, etc...well, she proved us wrong when we spotted the horse rides!!!


Par for the course...we didn't think to take any photos of 'us' until we were leaving...but then we took some doozies!

I sure do love these kiddos and hate saying goodbye!
...especially times like this...just hanging out playing Legos...

But, the mountains were we made our way, via Reno, to the Mono Lake area...for a whirlwind, one day trip into Yosemite!  Again, Marion hadn't ever been and we were excited to show him...and to see it again for ourselves because it's one of our favorites!



It was amazing, all of it...especially because we were fresh off of seeing the movie "Free Solo"!  We really do love this park.

But it was still cold at night!!!  So we needed to keep moving south!

This was a dream...having heard about this area for awhile...being able to hang out here for a few days was awesome.  (We use Campendium to find many of our camp spots!)  And, I am getting the hang of this drone!

A very cool, unexpected place out in the middle of nowhere!

Venita's favorite was Roy Rogers...and this guy!  She had good taste!

This was the movie set of "Rawhide" in 1951...and it was also our campsite!


Stopped at Star Wars canyon on the way into Death Valley...

An overnight at the Pads, on the other side of Death Valley...
We got into Las Vegas where Marion's brother and his wife spend their winters...and they were able to get us into their RV park on the Air Force base as we were able to visit with them for a couple of days, which was wonderful!

A night of boondocking outside of Havasu City.

Bill Williams bridge...that was my grandpa's name.
You can tell from the pictures that the temperatures were getting better and felt good to be in the sunshine again!

Boondocking in Quartzsite, before the crowds!

Apache Junction in time for a Thanksgiving dinner!

And a date night!

Can you see us?!
We ended November hanging out here in Apache Junction, Arizona, just east of Phoenix.  It was a nice little Thousand Trails park...with 2.5 miles of roads that we biked once or twice almost daily!  We got all of our Christmas shopping done, made our Christmas cards and shipped out everything!  A very productive stay!  

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