July 7, 2019

June 2019 - Pacific City, whale, Oregon, Moving Day, First Infusion, Park City

We had signed a lease on a place we had not yet seen (our daughter had done a walk through) which was set to begin in a few weeks, which meant we had to get all of our stuff out of storage, move in enough furniture and kitchen necessities so we could live there and I had to get ready for my first infusion....so what was there to do, but to go to the beach and try to relax!

On the way to the Oregon Coast we stopped in Boise to watch our son-in-law
compete in a body building competition!  It's an awful photo, but isn't this amazing,
what a body can do with work and dedication!

Our rock.

Sunset over the Cape


Once you figure out where to find these little guys you start to see them everywhere! 
Well, not exactly everywhere, it's still a challenge, but they're my favorite find!

And when you get tired of that view, you climb the cape and look for whales...

Or fly the drone!

Honestly, I didn't know if I could hike the dune...but I did!

Happy me at the top of the dunes at Cape Kiwanda!
This is my favorite place...
and our stay there was perfect...it allowed us to breathe.

We made it back to Pocatello with friends and family in tow!  My best friend for over three decades, Cindy, took some time off of work to come help us move in!  And, my brother flew out to Portland from Pennsylvania so that he could help too.  I still get emotional thinking about them doing so much for me.

Ashley bought us a welcome mat...and treats and a yummy meal was waiting for us too!

And, just like that, we were moved in!!!!  Seriously, it was a wild ride.  The movers met Mike and Dave (my brother) at our storage place while Cindy and I did grocery shopping and then met them back at the house to direct traffic.  Then, over the course of just a few days they worked their tails off; cleaning, unpacking, hanging pictures, moving furniture, cleaning some more...they were relentless in their pursuit of making sure I felt at home when I came home from my first infusion.  They were amazing and I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am.

We're home!  This piece was my mom and dad's...it felt like home as soon as this hoosier was in the house.

And yet another grandchild tries out our antique high chair!
He had a birthday the other day, he was officially ONE!

So, my doctor had fought the insurance company's denial and WON!  And I was to have the best MS meds available, to date, as an IV infusion every six months, which, if I am feeling well, was going to be great for our travel schedule!

Infuston Day!

The infusion went pretty well...I tolerated it and it didn't make me sick or anything!  This was a 1/2 dose...the next 1/2 would be in two weeks...they like to ease it into your body the first time.

Thankfully, after a couple of days of feeling crappy, I was doing pretty well, so we took a weekend trip to Park City, Utah!

Another great mountain town!  Seriously, I love mountain towns, in the SUMMER!

Pretty sure you can't say you visited Park City
if you don't have a picture in front of this historic barn!
McPolin barn and homestead

Sandwiched between the men I love!

We may have had a few drinks in this cool bar.

He's the best.  He makes me laugh, which I needed...and makes my heart happy.

There is a doctor on YouTube that I've been watching...he's a well-respected neurologist who specializes in MS.  He has this idea of measuring your own daily energy with spoons!  Meaning, you wake up in the morning and you have x number of spoons for the day...if the average, healthy person has 8, what is your number?  Then you shower and have breakfast and make your coffee...how many spoons do you have left? (Sometimes, for me and other MSers, a shower can easily use a spoon or two! Between the hot water and the standing...it's true!)  You get in your car and go to work...did that take a spoon?  You get the idea!

So, when I saw this table of engraved spoons...!!!  I wanted to snatch them all up!

How many spoons do you have?

Us, at the Park Silly Sunday market!
A whirlwind of a month, between moving into a sticks and bricks rental and having my first infusion...whew!  Feeling pretty lucky though, to have this guy by my side...and my friends and family...I couldn't ask for more.

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