August 4, 2019

July 2019 - Park City, Settling into Pocatello, Wind River hike, babysitting

We began our month enjoying the end of our long weekend in Park City.  After all the stress of moving in, though considerably less stressful thanks to friends and family, we needed to play!

When in Park City, the Mountain Coaster is a fun ride!

I was sad to see my brother leave...his help getting our house set up was incredible.  Simply his willingness to fly out here was worth it's weight in gold to me...he & I have seen our share of life's difficulties and heartache, it was nice to have a little bit of fun together too!  Moving is fun, right?! 

You can tell we are related!

We made a run out to our storage lot one last time...and, if you know me, I personify Gracie Lou, as if she had feelings...that's not weird, right?!  Anyway, I snapped this picture as we arrived at the lot to finish cleaning her out...and as we were leaving, it started to rain...!

I'm not crying, you're crying!

A treasure box of heart rocks from my daughter's best friend, Jordan, and his whole family!
I'm not crying!

Infusion Day!  Okay, NOW I'm crying!
The infusion went really well, with only a mild allergic reaction (a tic in my throat), which eased up when they slowed the rate down.  They say that Ocrevus will only slow the progression of lesions, not treat the symptoms of MS, but I was feeling a little bit stronger, a little more balanced...still struggling with fatigue, weight gain and trying to stay cool.

We met up at a local restaurant with this
sweet couple we'd met on the road in Pismo Beach.

Every year, Mike takes a backpacking trip, always someplace different, with his brother and their friends.  This year's trip was in the Wind River Range in Western Wyoming.  I always look forward to his photos.

Mike's brother, Shawn

We got the chance to keep our grandkids for a weekend, while Mom & Dad celebrated their 9th Wedding Anniversary!  It was a great weekend for hanging out with these three hooligans!  We started out with strawberry crepes at the Farmers Market then spent (seemingly) a day and a half at the pool in our backyard!

Farmers Market!

They're fun!

Hope you had fun too, guys!

Daisies are my favorite.

We spent the last weekend of the month in Payette, Idaho, with Mark, Kelly, Wanda, and Marion.  We bought pink flowers to honor and in remembrance of Mike's mom, Venita, who had died one year ago that day, and, as a testament to the heavens above, the whole sky turned pink right before our eyes!  It was incredible!

Meanwhile, in California...this Lego genius built a Blue Angel
and when he found out (thank goodness for Facetime!)
that great-grandpa was in the Air Force, he built a Thunderbird!

Judah learned to scoot at the park with his new buddy!

Love this gang!

They clean up good! Our California family...with one more on the way!

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