June 2, 2019

May 2019 - heading home, Lone Rock, Willow Bay, Jackson

With all the test results in, our focus now was to head north, to Pocatello, Idaho and to figure out what to do with this diagnosis...Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease in which part of your own immune system starts attacking the myelin (the sheath that protects your nerves) then causing a variety of unique symptoms, including pain, tingling, numbness, a change in walking gait, eye pain and eyesight changes, balance issues, etc.  Primary Progressive MS basically means it is on a steadily worsening path, but Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs) can it slow down.  There is not a cure for Multiple Sclerosis...but there is promising treatment and I was anxious to get treated!

On the road again and happy to see TREES!

Bitter Springs on the way to Page, Arizona

It is interesting to watch the desert landscape change...
from saguaros to sage to red rock to trees...

We made it to Lone Rock, a dry camping spot on Lake Powell.

This guy was hiding behind the headrest of my chair!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, not a bad place to relax.

This is Lone Rock!

With all of my balance issues and the weakness in my legs & feet, I wasn't sure I could paddleboard...but I did! 
And I was so happy to be out on the water again, we spent a couple of hours paddling the lake!

That is Lone Rock out there, a fingerling of Lake Powell...it's a very popular camp spot, but we were able to get a nice view!
After a couple of days at Lone Rock we continued our northbound trek.

I've heard that this Cabela's (Lehi, UT) doesn't allow RV's to overnight anymore...if that's true it's a shame,
because it's a huge parking lot not far from the freeway exit...it's surprisingly quiet and very easy to find a level spot.
We decided we needed to do a monthly stay, at least, somewhere close to Pocatello while we sorted everything out...and a year ago we had met up with some of our Instagram friends @journeyingjacksons when they were staying at a campground called Willow Bay, on the edge of the American Falls reservoir and it was so nice...so we gave them a call!

The woman that manages the campground and RV park was so sweet and accommodating...
she gave us a nice spot in the long term area.

There is a great bike/hike trail along the reservoir and we found these guys hiding in a tree.

There were two juveniles hanging out with their momma....so fun to see!

Maybe we should do a sunset wrap?!
It was fun to be 'home' again...we spent a lot of time watching t-ball games and cheer performances and we spent Mother's Day at Ashley's, enjoying the family time tremendously.

I napped, he surfed (the internet)...waiting for my appointment with my new neurologist.

We had a weekend getaway to our favorite mountain town...Jackson.  We learned to love photography in the Tetons, between the majestic mountains rising out of the valley and the wildlife that is often spotted in this pristine park.  This time we left Gracie Lou in her spot and stayed in a hotel.

A cool wall in the hotel stairway!

Can you spot the sheep?


This is May, right?  Oh yeah, we're in the mountains!

The mountains were hiding.

Jackson Lake lodge has a great view.

When they began installing these, years ago, I was dumbfounded...
but then I went to Thailand and to Burma and I learned how
to use a squat toilet...and it made more sense to me!

An old homestead.

Big love to this gang!  Remi graduated from preschool!  

She's the cutest!  And this preschool graduation theme and backdrop were sooooo cute!

Back in California, our oldest grandson graduated from Kindgergarten!
He's so stinkin' handsome!

I love him.
We spent our days reading, walking, visiting the Pocatello gang...late in the month I met with Dr. Vincent and he submitted a prescription to our insurance for Ocrevus.  He was confident that our insurance would cover it, as he was very persuasive.


We decided we'd rent a place in Pocatello...and found a very nice spot that would become available not quite a week before my IV infusion...so we signed on to be in a sticks 'n bricks again.

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