May 1, 2020

March 2020 - Tucson, Desert Museum, Lost Dutchman, Wikieup & home

Next stop, Tucson!  We love Tucson's artsy-funky downtown vibe, including its great restaurant options...(we also loved supporting a women's fast pitch softball tournament that happened to be on the community calendar) and we also really love the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!  It is easy to spend a whole day there, especially if you plan your trip (and you should) around the free-flight shows they do in the raptor area.  Pack a lunch for your tailgate, wear sunscreen and comfy shoes and go!

Mike and I parted ways with our travel mates for a bit to revisit some of our favorite spots, to meet up with friends and to check out a few new campgrounds in and around Phoenix.  One of our favorite spots is Lost Dutchman.  The Superstition Mountains are beautiful...mountains in the desert.

Oh, and there are RATTLESNAKES there!  Watch where you're stepping!

We rejoined the crew in an OHV area and spent a nice few weekdays together...until the crazies hit...dozens of RV'ers descended on our quiet little area with their side by sides and dirt bikes (and their 10 year old kids driving each, right through our area!)...and though it was just the beginning of CoVid, the huge groups gathering at the OHV had apparently missed the news!  

We decided to find a quieter spot...and landed in Wikieup!  Our blissfully easy days there included 4-wheeler rides into the area's criss-crossing washes, hikes, drives and rock-hounding, and looking for snakes and tortoises and gila monsters and burros!  Our evenings were often family style meals followed by puzzles, games or movies and night sky photography.  It really is a testament to our familial friendships that we are completely content to just be around one another.  

Terrence, the tortoise.  

Those quiet days are also a wonderful time to clean!  Yep, I know, I am one of those annoying people who constantly straighten...but it makes me happy to have an organized space and living small means organization is a must!  Besides, it really only takes about an hour to do a pretty good cleaning in our tiny home!

More and more the news of CoVid was becoming worrisome...and so, reluctantly, but decidedly, we headed home.  We felt like so much was yet unknown about the scale of the virus, but with places closing down left and right, we, and Marion, headed to Idaho.  Mark and Kelly headed on a slightly slower path, staying away from the fray, towards Washington.

We did have a nice welcome upon arriving home!  We couldn't hug on our grandkids yet, but they did show us some love! 💓

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