September 1, 2020

July 2020 - Salmon River, U-turns, Daughters & Grandkids

We headed out in July, ready to go north through Idaho's mountains and up into the panhandle, plans to visit Marion on his property in St. Maries and across the north part of Washington...and, well, plans changed.  It was a particularly hot month, everywhere...climate change?!  As a person with Multiple Sclerosis I have a very low threshold for very high temperatures.  I overheat, quickly, and without easy recovery.  We found a nice spot along the Salmon River, Cottonwood Campground, that offered some shade trees and river views.  And as long as I was ON the river, or IN the river, I was okay...but I couldn't really hang!  So, we made a U-turn after just a couple of days and headed home to figure out our plan B.

We spent some time with the kiddos and got a fun little blow-up pool for the backyard, for them, as well as for me! 

And, then Allison decided she'd come visit, which made our entire month!!!


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