May 30, 2021

The Blink of an Eye

Sometimes I open up this blog of mine to see if anyone has updated it!  Sadly, no one has!   😄

I started this blog, as all bloggers do, with what I thought were reasonable expectations, meaning, I'd update it once or twice a month, with incomparably beautiful photos and brilliant words, as we travel along in life and geographically, even more so, when I felt inspired.  That's reasonable, right?!  

Considering I left off in the summer of 2019 I cannot blame it all on the woes of 2020, though I certainly did lack for inspiration last year!  It was quite a ride.

Since my last post, we've added another grandson, Amos!  He's wonderful!  (I just got off of a Facetime call with him and his round little face was covered in orange from his mac & cheese dinner!)  We got to go to the incredible Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta as part of the Airstream rally and the photos from that event are so much fun!  We finally made it into beautiful SW Colorado to explore, we rode a train through the mountains and we did some epic boondocking in Nevada, Utah & Arizona!  We had fun camping with family and met up with a few friends, new & old!  We celebrated Christmases, loads of birthdays & anniversaries, and spent a lot of time with our kids, grandkids, brothers & sisters and with Mike's dad, Marion!  We've traveled to the beautiful Oregon Coast a multitude of times, including one trip, traveling with my brother, from north to south!  And we've enjoyed some down time in our little home in Idaho as well!  We stayed relatively healthy (knock on wood) and we've gotten our vaccines to help keep us that way!  (So many exclamation marks!!!!)

And, just like that, in the blink of an eye, here we are...nearly mid-year 2021!  We are still here, still wandering around and I'll catch this blog up, eventually.  I hope you and your loved ones and safe, healthy and happy!

Our family is full of joy, especially when our toes are in the sand!

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