March 17, 2017

Introducing Gracie!

We will do an introduction to us (Mike & Kris) next, but, as this new life style was evolving in our minds, this beautiful Airstream trailer quickly became the catalyst for our wandering she deserves an introduction.

Gracie, is the name we chose, a bit of a tribute to my very first car of the same name.  Back in the day, in the 80's, I had a Silver/Grey Maverick...and while she was, at times, kind of beastly, she was a great car and she followed us on all of our early adventures together.

She is a 27' FB International Signature Airstream.  What does all that mean?  She is classified at 27 feet, though she measures closer to 28 feet, tip to tip, and she has a front bedroom, (FB), meaning the bedroom is closest to the hitch end.  "International" is the model and "Signature" is the trim package.  All of that is to say, she's pretty sweet...and she's held together by nearly 4000 rivets, thus the blog name!  (Follow us on Instagram, too!)

We keep joking that the biggest thing we have to adjust to is going from a sticks and bricks house with square footage to spare to 188 square feet of living space!  That will be made a little bit easier because that small square footage is so comfortable and beautiful!  Realistically, we will have plenty of other adjustments to make, for example, the daily decision making that a life of full-time travel requires!  We will know where our comfy bed is, we just don't know where it will be parked each night! 

We are getting incredibly excited to start moving in (two weeks) and to get on the road (two months)!  The downsizing has been exhausting at times and liberating at others, but we are making progress every day!  

Stay tuned, follow along, for more - on us, on Gracie, our initial travel plans and lots of photography! 

Our new front door!
(Except technically it's the back door!)
Gracie is a 2017 27 foot front bedroom (FB) International Signature Airstream.
She measures 28 feet hitch to bumper.
This is the conversion we had done by the amazing craftspeople at Ultimate Airstreams in Wilsonville, Oregon.
It's called the "Grand Lounge Gourmet" and it gives us more counterspace & more storage,
in exchange for the loss of extra seating along the sofa.
We sat here for quite awhile on our first walk-through...daydreaming of all the places we want to see...
Looking towards the rear of the trailer; past the refrigerator (on the right) and the stove (opposite), the round, deep sink and at the split dining table & lounge area, which converts to a comfy guest bed!

See you down the road!

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