September 19, 2017

August! Part One!

We headed West in early August with a loose idea of where we wanted to be...and our first stop was Caldwell, to check in with our Airstream dealer for a couple of tiny tweaks; our door lock hadn't been working for awhile and a hinge needed a quick repair.  I hear people have issues of all kinds with a new Airstream purchase, but we have been not only supremely impressed with the craftsmanship and durability of our Airstream but also have had a great experience with our dealer, Airstream Adventures Northwest.  They have recently completed a mini-park in order to accomodate Airstream owners in need of an appointment, or new Airstream owners wanting to plug in and check everything out before heading out on the road.  It's a much appreciated addition to their already great service.  (I had even managed to drop something behind the bathroom cabinet (why is there dead space there?!) and they were creative about helping me retrieve my curling iron cover, using a coat hanger and a tiny pipe camera!)

Thanks for the overnight accomodations! 
Airstream Adventures Northwest
Off we went, with a working deadbolt into and partly across Oregon.  Our thought was to maybe grab a boondocking spot along the Columbia near Rufus, but upon pulling into the gravel bar where we have seen other RV's, we did a pretty quick turn back onto the freeway, opting for hookups at Memaloose in the 104 degree heat!

A nice, cool home at Memaloose!
Somewhere along the way we had decided we would try to make it over to the coast and lucked into a couple of nights at Fort Stevens State Park as a result of some cancellations.  In fact, we ended up with a full week and though we had to move sites a couple of times, we thoroughly fell in love with this huge campground...largely because of the biking trails!  We aren't huge bikers, but we do enjoy a good, relaxing ride now and then and in Fort Stevens we found ourselves taking long bike rides every day!  And walks through all the's a huge campground!  

Not a bad view.

One of our three sites!

So much greenery!!!  This is along the bike path...forests upon forests!
We also explored the forts that are tucked into the forests along the shore, which are really cool and very interesting, telling an important part of US military history.  Of course we did make it to the beach a couple of times, including one evening for sunset, along with about 40 other people, all pointing cameras at the wreck of the Peter Iredale.  

The forts are really cool and fun to explore...preserved in a unpreserved kind of way...!  

I love rusted stuff!

I had a birthday!

The gaggle of tripods!

Slow shutter...the tripod gang left before the light got really good!
Another highlight was Astoria!  We had been to Astoria, my parents actually lived there for a little while, but had never really spent time exploring...and it's such a cool town!  Lots of restaurants and bars, we made it to the top of the column, walked the waterfront district for some yummy's a cool, seaport town.  We discovered the Bow Picker (saw the line forming and looked it up on Yelp!), a quirky boat parked in a parking lot in town with the best tuna fish and chips!!!  And just south of Astoria we found a little waterfall, Youngs River Falls, for a nice afternoon hike.

It was a little windy at the top of the Astoria Column!

The waterfront district was neat!

A mural on the back of a building sweet.

After a wonderful week in Fort Stevens we drove east to Battle Ground, Washington where we had a beautiful moochdocking spot awaiting us at Mike's brothers home.  

Moochdocking at it's finest.
We hung out and enjoyed family for a day or so...and caught an early plane for a big family adventure in Southern California!  Hint...big black ears...!!!  

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