September 19, 2017

July, Part 4, the Tetons!

We drove from Butte and back into Idaho (but first, we spotted an incredible sunflower farm, acres and acres of these beautiful blooms) and landed back at home for a couple of days, pulling into the newly renovated and improved Pocatello Creek Road KOA for a quick stopover to regroup, and then headed up to our backyard National Park, the Grand Tetons, for a wonderful, fun week long stay in the Gros Ventre campground.

Sunflower farm in Montana...acres and acres of these beauties!  Tried a drone video, but because their heads are down, it's not all that great of a drone shot!

Drive by shooting!

KOA in Pocatello

Gros Ventre Campground in Grand Teton National Park

We got a nice, open spot in Gros Ventre, with a tiny peek at the tip of the Grand!

While in town getting grocieries and stocking up for the weekend, we got to visit with our favorite wildlife photographer and friend, Henry Holdsworth...if you are ever in town, be sure to stop by his gallery and say hi, he’s pretty fabulous!

Our daughter and her family came up for the weekend, which was our first opportunity to share our new lifestyle with them...and we had so much fun!  The granddaughters got to have a sleepover in Gracie and waking up to them snuggling was a highlight for us!  We played and paddled String Lake all day...went to pizza at Leek’s Marina Saturday night...and Sunday, we pretty much hung out at the campground for a lazy day (note to the under 6 years old group...don't drink the water at String Lake, it really will make your tummy sick!).

Nana comes prepared...we carry this "kid bucket" in Gracie for these wonderful opportunities!

Good morning Ashley!

Leek's Pizza (Marina) is THE best!  And so are these guys!

Stole this from Byron's Snapchat!  So cute!

Little paddleboarders!!!

All the heart eyes!!!!

Chillin' on String Lake!

This beauty wandered right past the kids' tent!

Once the kids headed home we did our usual meandering in the park, out to Oxbow, looking for bears on Pilgrim Creek, watching sunsets at Mormon Row light up the East hills, etc...and played a bit with our drone up the Gros Ventre River to Slide Lake, beautiful!

Eastern sky at sunset.

Pink cotton candy!

Gros Ventre River looking west...breathtaking.

I am very new at this drone thing...don't actually LOVE the flying part...but the aerial perspective, oh my gosh...I can't get enough!

On our second to last day we decided to take our paddleboards up to Jackson Lake, one of the few spots we have never actually paddled, because the winds were pretty much non-existent that day so the lake was glass! We paddled south around the islands all along the east side of the lake, had a nice picnic lunch, watched osprey on the lake, found a cool teepee...and about 4 hours in, the winds picked up, and of course they were coming from the north and we had a hard paddle back! But it was great exercise and so much fun!

Us, in a teepee on Jackson Lake.

We packed up to head home for some doctor appointments and to regroup once again...this time, heading west to Oregon!

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