January 31, 2018


I never had a childhood home.  Don't get me wrong, I had a very full childhood...with crazy adventures (and a slightly crazy family), travel, unique experiences and lots of love...but, because we moved often, I never had a home where there were pencil marks in a door jam - marks that told a story of the family who lived there, and how they grew...

This home has been our home for nearly 19 years, way longer than any place I'd ever lived before...it is the home we raised our family in...and today we officially sold it!  It's been a long time coming, and yet it seems like it snuck up on us, shockingly unprepared!

We are celebrating, for sure, because selling the house frees up our time and income and gives us even more flexibility and options in our travels in and outside of Gracie...and we are so excited to start that journey up again after this brief, but busy hiatus...but in our celebration is a little bit of sadness as well...  The feeling of loss is strangely significant and yet exuberantly liberating, a disconcerting dichotomy!

We grew, individually and together as a family, in this house...and we welcomed a variety of house guest over the years, all of whose names are forever etched appropriately into a support beam near the foundation.

We cried and we laughed, a lot, in this place...we brainstormed businesses and studied, we endured sleepovers and middle school angsts, we were treated to garage door plays (long live the Satterfield Players!) and banged pots and pans from the balcony at New Years!  We survived teenage romances and arguments over clothes, watched fireworks from the rooftop, had girls nights with junk food and Gilmore Girls.  We knew, too well the heartbreak of losing family members and also the loss of beloved family pets, and we learned lessons of empathy and kindness, generosity and hard work.  The girls' friends were always welcomed into our home, I was always an ear to listen and everyone knew where the candy drawer was.  We made wedding preparations in this home, had Christmases with all the bells and whistles, sang rounds of "down by the banks of" at the holiday table...we built awesome sledding runs that ran right into the road, had prom dinners and surprise parties, birthdays and family reunions...and we loved on our beautiful grandbabies in this home.

This was a home with pencil marks in a door jam that told the story of the family who lived there and how they grew...

That's the thing about new beginnings...it usually starts with something ending...and endings are hard!  The memories we made in this home we take with us, every day of our journey, wherever we wander...we carry it in our heart.

The candy drawer is emptied, but the love remains.  
(And, just so you all know, there is a candy drawer in Gracie too!  We'll be happy to share!)

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