April 30, 2018

April, mostly Zion!

April was a good month!  A great month actually!

We LOVED Wahweap Campground, outside of Page, Arizona...particularly at the time of year we were there.  It was quiet, not overly crowded, the site was generously sized and the weather was beautiful...and with Lake Powell a stone's throw away, it was paradise for paddling and kayaking.  We hiked a ton while we were there...Waterhole Canyon, Wirepass and Buckskin Gulch, Antelope Canyon and then we moved up and over to Zion where we hiked the Subway and the Narrows!  We had friends come and visit too, which was a ton of fun!  

After that area we moved quickly over to the coast of California, to Pismo Beach, for a week of exploring.  And then quickly up to Fairfield, CA to drop Gracie Lou off for some tweaking while we jetted up to Idaho to visit our daughter's family for a few days, just in time for Spring tee ball!  

Paddleboarding Antelope Canyon was one of my favorite days!

Hiking Waterhole Canyon was amazing!

And challenging!

Oh, hi friend!

A baby rattler...didn't see mama, thank goodness!

Horseshoe Bend overlook...next year we would like to see it from the bottom up!

Mat and Becca, our visitors from Vegas!

Rented tandem kayaks to go into Antelope Canyon again.

Peaceful start...the afternoon winds coming out were not as peaceful!

This time, at the end of Antelope Canyon, we hiked/trudged!

Took a guided trip through Lower Antelope Canyon.

It was a photographers paradise, except for the crowds and the quick pace...!

Spent a whole day doing this...so much fun!

A starry night!  Oh, with lots of bats too!

The entrance to the Subway, in Zion...it's a permit required hike...so difficult, but so amazing!

Other worldly!

This was our pre-hike photo!  I was kind of wrecked post-hike!

This was in the Narrows.

Tripod, long exposure...

It was so cool!  A must-do in Zion!  (Rent the boots and socks, and rent or have dry pants!)

Zion Canyon Campground and RV Park was a great spot! 

Bumped into our friends Lyle and Sue here in Barstow!


Took a tour of Hearst Castle, outside of Cambria...it is insanely opulent!

Morro Bay!

Happy mom!

He's cute!

Pismo Dunes

Pacific Dunes RV Park in Oceano...not much in the way of amenities, but...location, location, location!

New Airstream friends, Tom and BJ!

Fairfield, CA Airstream

Tee baller!

She's a great little athlete!

The highlights...Antelope Canyon was pretty awesome.  I'd love to go back with a photography group...walk it a little slower, look for that amazing light.  And, overall, Zion!  It's beautiful!  The Subway hike was really hard for me; steep and long and lots of climbing up and over big rocks and such...but it was incredible!  Such a cool payoff!  And, the Narrows...we went up a couple of miles and it is such a unique thing to do that I'd put it on a must-do list for sure!  Next time, Angels Landing!  

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