December 31, 2019

November 2019 - Welcoming Amos

Pocatello is home to Idaho State University and while it doesn't really feel like a college town most of the time, it is fun to occasionally visit the dome and watch a football game...this one against Eastern Washington, where our nephew, Spenser, is the Equipment Manager!

Harper's school did a Veteran's Day tribute and she was more than happy to hug her special guest!

And then, Mike and I headed to Sacramento, to await the arrival of our 7th grandchild!  This storm cloud, over Winnemucca, was insanely beautiful!

Welcome to the World, Amos Wesley.  You are loved!

I honestly cannot remember if we celebrated Thanksgiving but I do know we were all so thankful! 

December 1, 2019

October 2019 - Goosenecks Park, Balloon Fiesta, Durango, Silverton, Mesa Verde, Million Dollar Highway, BCG

We loved Goosenecks Park and seeing Forest Gump point in Monument Valley!  

Largely this month was about the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM.  If you ever get the chance to go, GO!  It was incredible!  We were lucky enough to be selected (at random) to go as part of the Airstream Rally...they have prime spots at every fiesta and it made everything so stress-free.  We were literally a 5 minute walk onto the launch field and thanks to the somewhat predictable wind patterns in the area, the balloons fly right over head.  

And then, the balloons!

And from there...we went to see my incredible Aunt Sally in Santa Fe...I miss her more than she realizes.  And then we drove to Durango, Colorado...loved exploring town and the train museum there...and LOVED the Durango-Silverton Railroad.  We took the bus up to Silverton and rode the train back, opting for the open car so we could dangle our heads out at the canyon below!

The Million Dollar Highway connects the little tiny town of Silverton to Ouray, Colorado...and it's spectacular!

We drove up to spectacular Telluride...and then on to Mesa Verde National Park.  It is really amazing that places like that are protected and cared for, the history is tangible.  Afterward, we checked out the underrated (I never knew of it) Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  It's really stunning!  
Because we were hitting everywhere in that just past peak (foliage) time frame, we enjoyed very little in the way of crowds...though the nighttime temperatures were getting a little bit chilly!

With that, we headed home.

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