September 8, 2019

August 2019 - home, Park City, birthday, school begins

 Hmmm....August was kind of a quiet month!

We spent a lot of time enjoying our sticks 'n bricks home, with plenty of down time for me.  Naps have become a daily necessity.  I did enjoy having a big kitchen again, so I cooked and baked to my heart's content.  I don't think I knew how much I had missed that!  And we spent lots of time with our Idaho grandkids...they are growing up so fast!  Mike picked up some work with his old employer, to keep him busy while I was nesting!

I love these drawings!  

He's such a sweetie!

Anyone else love the pudge of baby toes!

We made another trip to Park City for my birthday weekend!  I really do love mountain the summer!  We wandered downtown, took the chairlifts up and down the mountains, watched the All Star team of ski jumpers at the Olympic Park, listened to a couple of concerts in the parks, ate and ate and enjoyed the sunshine!  Turning 56 wasn't bad at all!

They have a great system of chairlifts that allow you to lift-hop up and down the slopes!

Enjoying the sunshine in this cool mountain town!
 (Also enjoyed walking without a cane!)

A selfie to remember 56.

Speaking of growing older...these sweet girls started school!  It's crazy, honestly it doesn't seem like that long ago that our own girls were starting Kindergarten and Second grade!  It's said so often that I think sometimes it has lost it's meaning, but THEY GROW UP SO FAST!  Cherish every single moment!

Yep, it was a quiet month...which was just what I needed!  

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