April 7, 2019

March 2019, Desert Hot Springs grandkids in California, back to AZ

Again, I think of many of these blogposts as simply a diary for myself...a record for the memory books!  But I'll also put a few tidbits in here for those looking to follow our travels themselves!  

In March, just to refresh my memory (since I am writing this is December!), we were still at Sam's Family Spa just outside of Desert Hot Springs.  It's a great place to hang up for awhile...the pool is my favorite, heated to that perfect temperature that makes you ease in without cringing and then you wanna just stay and float for awhile!  And FOUR amazing hot pools, all with different temperatures!  It's never overly crowded, it is flushed and cleaned every night, refilled in the morning with fresh mineral waters.  But the best thing about Sam's might be their soft serve ice cream!  

We were here waiting for test results and answers as to my strange and everyday worsening symptoms.  Kind of bouncing back and forth with the doctor in Palm Springs and the Mayo Clinic.  Waiting is the worst.  

So while we were waiting, we tried to enjoy the area a bit, starting with the heralded Palm Springs Art Museum!

The melting rug was really cool!

I took this photo through a glass sculpture, the artistic side of me feeling inspired!

This was a collage piece...made from tiny pieces of paper...
and the image was HUGE...so much work!

Spotted some hearts!

Us, on the steps of the museum!

One of the streets adjacent to the museum.

After the museum, we went to La Bonita's, again, a tiny little Mexican restaurant downtown that we've pretty much become obsessed with...and I think it's the fresh guacamole that started our addiction!  A cold beer and chips and guac...yum!

This is what I mean by hanging out in the pool! 
It's about the only thing I've found that really
alleviated the pain in my body.

We made our annual pilgrimage to Sam Cobb's farm for some fresh dates! 
Sam was there so we got to chat with him awhile...
and, even if you don't think you like dates, you'll love Sam! 
He's sweet and genuine and wonderful, so are his dates!

Hanging out this long did motivate me to do the deep cleaning
our home needed.  The good news, even deep cleaning only takes an hour or so! 
Tiny living isn't bad at all! 
Especially with all these windows and all the sunshine

We had our friends Michael and Susan (also Airstreamers)
over for dinner & drinks one evening...and we visited with them
several times during our stay, Susan is a retired nurse
and she was so sweet with her worry for me.

I received a few goodies from the Zen Den
...gizos/talisman to help me through this uncertainty.

We tried our first float tank experience...
another effort towards natural pain relief...and I loved it!

Mid month we set out to drive around the Salton Sea.  We'd heard about Borrego Springs from several travelers and I'd seen pictures from Salvation Mountain that I thought were worth a visit...

This is an art installation out past Salvation Mountain,
within an area called Slab City. 
Essentially it's an off the grid dry camping area,
but more than that, it has residents that live here, in trailers, year round.
The area we went to is called East Jesus...
a strange but fascinating, sort of post-Apocalyptic anti-establishment camp... 
It's hard to describe...but worth a trip!

I loved this!

This is Salvation Mountain. 
Originally one man's vision and creation which is now managed
by volunteers who keep people from destroying it and refresh the paint now and then...

The entrance to Sams...or exit, as we were finally doing mid-month.

Boondocking at Hi-Jolly, near Quartzsite, AZ

We landed at Mesa Spirit, the Thousand Trails park in Mesa, AZ.  After a few days, we took a quick flight north, so see ALL of our beautiful grandkids (and their moms, our daughters)!  Our oldest daughter had driven from Idaho down to Sacramento to spend some time with her sister, so it was incredible to see them all greeting us when we came in!

They are the best!

The four big kids!

We got to celebrate Ezra's 4th birthday with her!

Couldn't love this group more. 

These guys were troopers,
making an 11 hour drive without an overnight stop?!  

Back to AZ and we were greeted by this sky!

We had a few get togethers with Mark and Kelly and Marion...
as well as my cousin, Seth, and a few neighbors who had quickly become friends!

Catalina State park, outside of Tucson,
was a great place to be after tiring of the RV park feel!  
We ended the month at Catalina State Park, near Tucson.  It's a really nice campground that feels like you're in the desert, but is literally moments, just over a hill, from civilization!

It was a good, but frustrating month, feeling like I wasn't making any gains on figuring out what was going on with my health, but still enjoying the company and the scenery!

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