Introducing Gracie Lou!

Gracie, is the name we chose for our 27' FB International Signature Airstream, pictures in the second half of this post.  As of March 2018, we are now the proud owners of a 30 foot International Signature Airstream, and we named her Gracie Lou!

In short, we love this full-time travel life and decided we wanted a little more room to spread out...a little more storage...a little more room for company!

If you see us down the road, come say hi and we will introduce you!

Meet Gracie Lou!

This is the biggest change in our living space, going from a 27 foot to a 30 foot feels like you add about 8 feet of living space in this area...a separate lounging space and dining space is huge in the way we hang out in our home.

The bathroom is a little bigger, longer...but didn't come with a big mirror, so we installed one!

The 27 foot has wrap around windows in the bedroom as well as the living room, which we loved...but we didn't open them all the way up that exchange, we get closets...and of course storage is a huge factor in choosing which Airstream is right for you!  We love the extra hanging space!

With our kitchen on the door side, our dinette has nice big windows!

It took me a little while to get used to this configuration in the kitchen, the microwave below counter, but now it's home.

The decor I've chosen is eclectic and fun...a simple palette of contrasting wood tones and almond ultra-leather seating provided me lots of options to choose pops of color and textures which makes it homey!

A little night photography...with Gracie Lou front and center!

A lavendar sky in a really sweet spot in the Tetons.

Hands down, my most favorite feature in the Airstream is the windows!  Especially when you snag an awesome view!

Did I mention the bathroom has a window?!!!  

We have loved traveling in and living in our newest Airstream!  It tows the same, easy-peasey...the only difference being the backing up (you have to give yourself a little more room for swing).  The tanks are bigger, the space feels so much larger, the storage is great...we love our Gracie Lou!

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Our first Airstream...

Gracie is a 27' FB International Signature Airstream!

What does all that mean?  She is classified at 27 feet, though she measures closer to 28 feet, tip to tip, and she has a front bedroom, (FB), meaning the bedroom is closest to the hitch end.  "International" is the model and "Signature" is the trim package.  All of that is to say, she's pretty sweet...and she's held together by nearly 4000 RIVETS, thus the blog name!  (Follow us on Instagram, too!)

We found Gracie on the lot in September of 2016 at the Boise/Caldwell Airstream Adventures Northwest dealership, and, prior to taking possession of her, had her sent over to Ultimate Airstreams in Gladstone/Portland, Oregon for a bit of a remodel.  We had seen another Airstream with a really functional, cozy reconfiguration done and we decided it was going to be perfect for our new traveling home!

Follow our journey with Gracie here and regularly on Instagram! 

Our new front door!
(Except technically it's the back door!)
Gracie is a 2017 27 foot front bedroom (FB) International Signature Airstream.
She measures 28 feet hitch to bumper.
This is the conversion we had done by the amazing craftspeople at Ultimate Airstreams in Wilsonville, Oregon.
It's called the "Grand Lounge Gourmet" and it gives us more counterspace & more storage,
in exchange for the loss of extra seating along the sofa.
We sat here for quite awhile on our first walk-through...daydreaming of all the places we want to see...
Looking towards the rear of the trailer; past the refrigerator (on the right) and the stove (opposite), the round, deep sink and at the split dining table & lounge area, which converts to a comfy guest bed!

See you down the road!

Toll Bridge Park, between Hood River and Mt. Hood

Walmart in Butte, MT


Morning sunlight in Jacksonville, OR

A Harvest Host in Jacksonville, OR


Silver Falls State Park, outside of Salem, Oregon
Trona Pinnacles

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  1. Hello, We (Jennie and Eric) just discovered your blog and enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures. We are about 2 years away from retirement and heading out on the road ourselves. We are looking at 5th wheels since I (Eric) am 6'4" and most trailers don't have the headroom I need. My question is about your truck. Am wondering where you bought it. I have been looking at the Dave Smith website and am impressed by the quantity of their Ram 2500 and 3500 models. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and if dealers have a 2500, they don't know anything about it.


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